Sunday, May 15, 2016

NSD at Turtle Soup

I played at Turtle Soup for National Scrapbook Day....
Everything was due today, and here is what I completed for the event:

The scraps recipe challege called for only scraps (check!), one scrap had to be a weird shape (my suitcase..that's pretty wierd!) a frame (I used one for a journal box) and 2 different alphas in the title (pink and brown stickers).
This is a terrible, blury image. I apologize! I had to make the size smaller to fit on Turtle Soup, which ruins the clarity on some of these.

Here is a very simple page for a Multiphoto challenge. Multiphoto is no challenge for me, it's what I prefer, although it is more challenging to fit many photos on a page sometimes. 
I had this paper a very long time, and finally got a chance to use it! 
Here is Holly and her marching band, which she joined her senior year.

She's so cute!! I just dropped her off at college today because she's working there all summer. I miss her already!

Next up: a mood board challenge.
When I saw the macaroons, I immediately thought of these adorable macaroon stickers I bought at Michael's. I had no idea what I was gonna use them for, but I had to have them.
This photo of Gracie is seventeen years old! I remember taking the girls (I only had two at the time!) to a photo shoot with live Easter bunnies. The silly girls were too afraid of the little bunnies, so we had to take photos with no cute animals.

I found this next challenge to be a little difficult. You had to use themed paper for something it wasn't intended for. I looked through my themey stuff and found some beach-themed paper. I loved the orange and blue colors and the splatters, and thought that would be perfect for these diner pictures.

I used some dark blue paint to back my title letters. I painted over the preprinted title, too, to change it from ''WAVES OF FUN'' to ''Tasty Fun". The beachy feel to the paper worked well with these photos, because this is our favorite diner in our summer vacation town.

Premade embellishments had to be used for the next project. This was my favorite challenge. I often look through my stash of stickers and think I should just use the whole collection on one page, but I've not done it yet..until now. Using a sticker pack as inspiration is a great  way to make a cute, well-constructed page while whitling down your stash.
I stamped a snowflake background and used some Creative Memories winter stickers for this wintery Niagara Falls page. Gracie and her friends went there every winter in high school!

I had to use something recycled next. I found some crumpled up pink tissue paper and used that as a photo mat.
These are more OLD pictures...this time, it's little Miranda (who is now fourteen!!) My cousin got her a creepy Boo Bah toy for her birthday years ago. I just recently acquired these photos when my cousin passed away.

And finally...i  did a "pile it up" challenge, combining the multiphoto and the premade embellishment challenges. I used some of these nautical wooden stickers on a Sea World page years ago, and hadn't touched them since. I used the rest on this page.
Here is Miranda last summer, quite grown up from the baby she is in the photos directly above! Not the greatest of pictures, but it was a nice summer day spent wandering around a lovely little port town, Alex Bay NY.

Thanks for looking!!


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awesome projects.. and thanks for playing along at the Turtle Soup