Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Black with Two

This is my first time doing a challenge at Black with Two. September's challenge:

Every year, my family vacations in the same little town. It's great...a quaint little town, a beach of our own, favorite places we can revisit year after year. The one downside of yearly traditions, no matter how wonderful, is that I end  up scrapbooking the same pictures every year, and after awhile, they look alike.
For example: We go to this old-fashioned diner every year and order flavored Coke.. The kids always sit at their own table and spend at least a half an hour deciding what flavors of syrup to choose. They look so cute, I always have to take a picture! I have ten years of scrapbook pages in predictable colors with themey embellishments.
So this year, I decided to make a completely different-looking page. I love the black with the bold, bright colors! What fun! I love how the page turned out. Even the requirement of using the word BOLD led me to journal about a different perspective; I wrote about some of the bold choices the kids have made over the years (such as chocolate-grape coke. Yuck!)


Karen McLaughlin said...

Thank you so much for joining us this month. Such lovely memories and a lovely page. :)

scrapwithada said...

Ahhh. How cute are those feathers. Love it. Thanks for playing with at BW2.