Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Black with Two

This is my first time doing a challenge at Black with Two. September's challenge:

Every year, my family vacations in the same little town. It's great...a quaint little town, a beach of our own, favorite places we can revisit year after year. The one downside of yearly traditions, no matter how wonderful, is that I end  up scrapbooking the same pictures every year, and after awhile, they look alike.
For example: We go to this old-fashioned diner every year and order flavored Coke.. The kids always sit at their own table and spend at least a half an hour deciding what flavors of syrup to choose. They look so cute, I always have to take a picture! I have ten years of scrapbook pages in predictable colors with themey embellishments.
So this year, I decided to make a completely different-looking page. I love the black with the bold, bright colors! What fun! I love how the page turned out. Even the requirement of using the word BOLD led me to journal about a different perspective; I wrote about some of the bold choices the kids have made over the years (such as chocolate-grape coke. Yuck!)

The Eagle has Landed

Again, for 123 Get Scrappy

Brown background, some glitter on the wood tags, and a box pattern.
I was not so sure about adding glitter to a nature page, but it turns out, I love it! I also added some gold sequins to spread out the bling a little.

My Summer Girl

Again, for 123 Get Scrappy (see previous post for link and challenge board)

Here, I used GLITTER both on my border, and some of the flowers. I added some little hexagon shapes in the outer corners, and made a long (for me) title. Without this challenge, I probaby would have called the page "Miranda", as I am famously bad at titling my pages.

I love this picture of Miranda. It was taken by my very talented photographer sister, Kerry.

Some Tic Tac Toe challenges...

1,2,3 Get Scrappy. Here is the challenge board for September


and for this month, I did three!!


Brown background, a blockish pattern, and glitter for the borders.
A simple page, but, again, I am rusty. Adding the glitter border is something unexpected, and jazzes up a plain old page. This is why I love challenges. I liked this one so much, I did two more.

Monday, September 29, 2014

ARTastic Challenge. Hey first post of the year!

I have done a few new scrapbook pages this week, after a loooonnngg long time.

There is a challenge at ARTastic Challenge Blog
with an inspiration piece and the requirement to use twine in some way.

 This is the inspiration. 

I do have quite a bit of baker's twine, but don't seem to use it much. The words in the piece reminded me of summer on the beach....so I scrapped some summer pics and used the twine as a border of sorts, mimicing waves at the bottom of the page.

 I have not scrapped in a long time. I was feeling a bit rusty! Now I feel the need to create more....