Monday, December 30, 2013

End of a year, and the regurgitated resolutions.

Ah, lose weight. Every year, at the top of the list. Every year, I weigh about the same as I did the previous year.
This year, at least I have eaten healthier.

My starting weight today is 184.4...exact same as it was in November. Holy cow, how did I NOT gain any weight after eating so much crap during the holidays? I couldn't believe it. Happy, though!

I joined the Fit and Thin challenge at work. We get points for excersize, points for healthy habits like how many fruits and veggies eaten, and points for weight loss. I like it...last year, I changed my eating habits drastically and now eat way more produce. I need to work out though. So I ordered the p90x.
My brother, who is about the same as me in his stature and metabolism, lost 30 pounds in 45 days, and has kept it off even though he hasn't done it since summer.
He said it took about three weeks doing the workouts, then he dropped about 3 lbs a week. And kept losing when he stopped. I hope that happens to me, except i would like to do SOME excersize every day.
I tried the videos out in November. I love them...they are hard, but at least you KNOW you worked out. You can feel it. Not a waste of time. And there is just NO WAY weight wont' fall off if they are done regularly.
Well, off I go.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

my November and December craftiness....

I have really been crankin' out the scrapbook pages. I believe I have deleted them from my files here, but they are on Two Peas.
I won a crop in October, and recieved a cute pack of paper with matching embellishments. I have won four prizes in Sept. and Oct!
I have been bad about posting here, I know.

This month, I have done  a few pages. I am doing a page for the Chatty Scrappers, then a few for the Garden Girl challenges over at 2peas. There is a sketch-a-thon at Memorable Seasons I'd like to try also. The month is rather busy here, so we shall see.

As for Christmas, I have decided to do a few simple crafts. I made a five-minute wreath by simply wrapping garland around a wreath shape. I would like to decorate it with a few bottle-brush trees and a house of some sort. I hung the plain wreath on the front door already. I  also bought some cheap dollar-store ceramic houses and just spray painted them white to make some glitter houses. They are drying in the garage right now!!

In November, we had a little party for Miranda's 12th birthday. I made little hamburger cupcakes with sugar cookie french fries. They were the cutest things ever..and pretty easy.

 The buns are cupcakes made from yellow cake mix, cut across the middle. The burgers are brownies cut into circles. Lettuce and ketchup is just frosting. I sprinkled some gold sugar on the buns.
I made the cookies out of sugar cookie dough mix. Using mixes made the process pretty simple. I happened to have some french fry bags laying around..perfect! There were ten little girls over here that night, and they loved their burgers and fries!!

And lastly, my Christmas card picture. I took this picture at my cousin's house the day after Thanksgiving, and made my cards from Snapfish like I do every year.  I think it turned out cute!!