Wednesday, September 4, 2013


My basement project hit a few snags. I discovered some serious mold problems. I also discovered mold in my old non-working hot tub that I thought was drained. See, when the flood happened, the husband took care of the hot tub, I thought. But he never completely drained it. So I have had that water just sitting down there for a few years.
We had a cover on it, and I used the hot tub as storage, basically. The motor was underwater and no longer worked. I peeked under the cover, thinking I should clean it out and ponder on how to get rid of it. I thought I saw a tub full of solid black mold. It was dark, and I was tired.
I also found some mold on the bottom of the wooden bar where I store my scrapbook stuff.
I collapsed into bed and worried all night about all this. I even cried, which I don't do often.
I was stressed and did not sleep well. Started to get that overwhelmed feeling I get when things go wrong and seem to be out of my control.
The next morning, my friend Neil called me and asked how my project was going. I told him of the mold, and he came right over and checked it out with me. The tub was full of water and had some surface mold on it, but it was actually clear. It must have had enough chemicals to keep it from being worse. We drained the tub, bleached and rinsed and dried it. It looks sparkly and new!! Then Neil played with a few fuses and discovered that it actually does work. He suggests I do not use it until it is professionally checked out, but he thinks I could have a hot tub once again.
He also says the bar is not so bad either. The mold is surfacey and could be cleaned off. We came up with a few plans on what to do next, but none of it could be done that day.
So everything that I worried about all night was not as bad as I imagined. I hate when I do that!
I had an extra four-tiered sturdy shelf in the garage and I put that up in my huge bedroom. That is where all my scrapbook stuff is now. It is all organized and neat and tidy, and I feel creative again!! It was such a chore scrapbooking when I had to dig through boxes of messiness to find what I needed!
I also don't know what I would do without Neil. I wish I did not have to depend on others so much, but I am not good at handyman stuff. I am trying to learn. Keep on truckin'! Anyway, I can't do much down there this week, but I have another three day weekend coming up. I can keep trying.

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