Friday, September 13, 2013

Memorable Seasons...back to school crop

i am attempting to do a back to school weekend crop at Memorable Seasons. I have finished one page and participated in a few games. I do work all weekend and have plans all evening tomorrow, so it is not likely I will finish another page, but who knows.....

The gallery there is not working at the moment, so I am having trouble posting photos. They are doing a photo safari, and since I have pictures of EVERYTHING this is not a problem for me!!

here is my entry for  a FISH photo...

I also did a few games and bonus challenges.
I only got one page done because I had to work all week. I did this one:

 for the Use Your Supplies challenge. You had to use school supplies on the page. I used notepaper, paperclips, a name tag and a crayon. It was fitting since my page was about my daughters dressed up like Pam and Angela from the Office....I also submitted this to Two Peas. The design team there has month-long challenges and I entered this for the Connecticvity challenge. I think it is well connected, after all!!

I actually won something for praising 15-20 pages in the Memorable Seasons Gallery. yay!!! Will upddate here with what I won, I have no idea right now. Oddly, they didn't announce winners for all the challenges, including the one I did. I will check in later.

i won a five dollar gift card to the store. The shipping was over six bucks so I couldn't get a whole lot. I just went through the newly added category and picked out things I liked. I only spent four of my own and got some cute things that will freshen up my stash. Will add photo later, when it comes. How exciting!!
 it only took a few days, and here are my papers i ordered

i have won 5 buck gift cards before, but never used them because i had to pay that much for shipping anything. BUT i decided to use it this time. I paid five dollars for five papers lol! But you cannot get trendy new things in this area. I love these papers. ...the floral, the herringbone, that document sheet. cannot wait to use them on upcoming summer pages.

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