Sunday, September 1, 2013

I want my basement back!!

This is Labor Day weekend, and I am laboring. I happened to have three days off with no kids and no plans. A golden opportunity to get something accomplished.
I decided to get my basement back. Several years back, the basement got totally flooded. Drywall had to be torn down, lots of stuff was destroyed. Ever since then, it has been a very mildewy and unpleasant. But it is such a vast space, and  I want it back!
I also wanted to organize all my scrapbook stuff, too. I started with my dining room. The dining room table and an adjacent craft table were covered with crap, true horder style. I cleaned it all out, threw out tons of things, donated tons more, and organized my scrap supplies all over my family room floor. The dining room now looks pretty good.
I have a large bar down the basement filled with more scrap stuff, most of which I haven't touched in years. I kept traipsing up and down the stairs with armfulls of stuff. I sorted through all of that, too. I just put all the piles of my sorted scrap stuff into containers. Next I have to clean out that first room down there, so I can put all the scrap stuff back in there....

Next I need to de-cobweb.
I need to sweep really good.
I need to clean the bar really well.
Then I need to wash the basement floors with bleach and really really scrub with a push broom. I then need to rinse and shop vac it all up.
I need to close the windows that are now open when it gets darker.
I need to buy a dehumidifier and run it all night.
When the mustiness goes away, i can put my stuff back down there and try to make myself a little craft room.

I have three other rooms down there that need cleaning too. This will be a massive undertaking!
Of course, I am taking a few breaks. With all this scrapbook stuff laying around so organized, I was inspired to make some pages. I have done three so far!! That is my reward for hard work.

i found this link  with some helpful hints on cleaning a basement floor

I will post some pictures of everything here at the end of the day:

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