Saturday, September 28, 2013

more 2 Peas Garden girl challenges

I did a whole bunch lately and uploaded them all to 2peas...

Harry Potter treats...the challenge was to be inspired by something. I was inspired by a Harry Potter map. I tore up and crumpled a lunch bag!! These are treat I made for Miranda's Harry Potter party.
 Grace..this was a mood board challenge. Tags!!
 CHILL OUT- used multiple stamps on this page. Pics are from Huggy's in Vermilion Oh, a place which has a vast array of sodas in ridiculous flavors! Holly is holding So Long Obama.
 2012 CANNON SHOT- I stamped some butterflies and cut them out
 MAIN this pretty picture of Holly at the Main Street Grille! I painted die cut hearts to match my page, and i grouped my embellies around my photo
 HOUSE LEAGUE- Little Miranda playing soccer with the boys! I had to use a shape I do not use often (diamonds)
 SO LONG- A Tribute to the needle ride at Cedar Point, which has been taken down. challenge was to use neutrals
 and finally, GRADE 6- Use a huge title. I wrapped my big six in washi tape.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

INSPIRED TO SCRAP monthly challenges

i did Deb's beautiful background challenge, hexagons!!

this is mir's soccer tourney last year. I made the little ship out of a pirate ship cricut cut.

MEMORABLE SEASONS september challenges

i did a few of the monthly challenges for September

the BONUS CHALLENGE 1 was to use a stencil.
i just bought these new ones at Walmart and was eager to use them! I used a blue colored pencil and stenciled a tile pattern

 and For CHALLENGE 4, TECHNIQUE- the technique was doodling. I doodled around my stars and photos

two peas design team challenges, sept.

I have not been to Two Peas in awhile, so I only recently discovered that they offer month-long challenges for a chance to win a gift card. The challenges are great! come complete with a video to watch. I submitted to many this month:

BITS AND PIECES- to use a bold floral. I did this one: of my girls riding coin-op horsies at the Sandusky Mall

JUST WOW- I was inspired by a prompt to use multiphotos. I took photos when we were out antiquing in the Vermilion OH area. I love the birdhouse paper, it looks cute here.

3. for Connectivity, I used THE OFFICE
4. For fLOWERS, USE EM UP- I submitted A FALL BOUNTY because i used some lovely flower stickers I could never find a use for. They look great on a fall page!

5. and for RETRO REVIVAL, i did this one, because I used both old and new. The swirly blue paper is from the old SLAB papers of long ago, and the cricut cuts are from new cartridges.

INSPIRED TO SCRAP reuse, recycle crop

at inspired to scrap...

has a reuse, recycle crop going on for seven days. I did three challenges so far..

the first two based on sketches...



challenge 2

and the third was a challenge to frame a page. I framed this one in magic mesh, some old stuff I have had around is probably the oldest thing in my stash!! I liked how it looked, too. I think I will use the rest of this stuff on upcoming fall pages.

bummer, not a winner in this crop!! oh well. I completed three layouts and started a fourth. That's not too bad, considering how busy I am in September. I would never have used my magic mesh if not for 
this crop!! i enjoyed it.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sketches for all.ning

I did a few challenges here for the month.
Cheryl's Holiday challenge is Halloween this month. Fitting, because I am working on last fall and have several Halloween pages! I entered "Halloween Cute" and "The Office", which I posted earlier. Then this page:

I entered Jessica's arrow challenge also...

UPDATE....I won both Cheryl's Halloween challenge and Jessica's arrow challenge!! yay! They are sending some RAK's in the mail. I will update later. Good September for me! Getting free scrapbook supplies in the mail (or a gift card to order them) is like Christmas to me.

here is a picture of the stuff i got from Cheryl

I love winning scrapbook supplies!!! yay me!! And thank you to Cheryl. I have already used the butterflies and the little pearls.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Memorable Seasons...back to school crop

i am attempting to do a back to school weekend crop at Memorable Seasons. I have finished one page and participated in a few games. I do work all weekend and have plans all evening tomorrow, so it is not likely I will finish another page, but who knows.....

The gallery there is not working at the moment, so I am having trouble posting photos. They are doing a photo safari, and since I have pictures of EVERYTHING this is not a problem for me!!

here is my entry for  a FISH photo...

I also did a few games and bonus challenges.
I only got one page done because I had to work all week. I did this one:

 for the Use Your Supplies challenge. You had to use school supplies on the page. I used notepaper, paperclips, a name tag and a crayon. It was fitting since my page was about my daughters dressed up like Pam and Angela from the Office....I also submitted this to Two Peas. The design team there has month-long challenges and I entered this for the Connecticvity challenge. I think it is well connected, after all!!

I actually won something for praising 15-20 pages in the Memorable Seasons Gallery. yay!!! Will upddate here with what I won, I have no idea right now. Oddly, they didn't announce winners for all the challenges, including the one I did. I will check in later.

i won a five dollar gift card to the store. The shipping was over six bucks so I couldn't get a whole lot. I just went through the newly added category and picked out things I liked. I only spent four of my own and got some cute things that will freshen up my stash. Will add photo later, when it comes. How exciting!!
 it only took a few days, and here are my papers i ordered

i have won 5 buck gift cards before, but never used them because i had to pay that much for shipping anything. BUT i decided to use it this time. I paid five dollars for five papers lol! But you cannot get trendy new things in this area. I love these papers. ...the floral, the herringbone, that document sheet. cannot wait to use them on upcoming summer pages.

Monday, September 9, 2013

MY CREATIVE SKETCHES- Girls in a pumpkin patch....

I love fall pictures! I took these last fall at a festival. Got some great shots of my girls in a pumpkin patch. I was inspired by the sketch at My Creative Sketches. I love sketch challenges ...pages go much faster because I have a starting point on where to place things. That is usually what I spend the most time doing!

Here is the link and the sketch:

 I usually do multiphoto pages, so i conformed this a bit. I like the borders on top and bottom, and the three clusters of embellishments . For my page, I used Creative Memories paper for the background and some chipboard flowers with leaves for embellishments. Simple!! I love the bright fall colors of that paper.


Serenity for Scrap around the World, Pixels and Paper

Here is Scrap Around the World's Challenge 5:

I took inspiration from this MOODBOARD here:

I was drawn to the two faces on the board: the bold black and white florals on top, and the graphic design on the bottom. I wanted large florals with some graphic lines on my page. 
I chose this paper pack from Creative Memories...I cut out a large flower from one page and colored it a little. As a background page, I chose this argyle design. I love the contrast! I wanted color on this page, but I do like the black touches on here. I usually go for the obvious when choosing color. This challenge lead me to create something a little outside of my box, and I love it!

Pixels and Paper Challenge blog inspires you with photos. The photo of September was this one:
I knew I wanted a large yellow flower that was just popping off the page. I actually made a flower similar to the one Grace holds in the photo, but it looked to "cutesy". That's when I found the Scrap Around the World challenge, and my mind went "aha!' The addition of black graphic lines was the key. My page ended up with the serene, grown-up feel I wanted. 

tfl, MANDY

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Halloween Cutie

Next up is a sister challenge to Kristi B's blog. Rochelle Spears blog features a sketch challenge this month.

The sketch:

And my page...


This is Miranda last Halloween. A true Harry Potter fanatic, she dressed as Luna Lovegood, the Griffindor Wizard. I used all old stash stuff on here, except for the label stickers.

Summer Stunner

Here is a litte page for a challenge at Kriti B.'s blog

The challenge is to simply scrap a summer memory. Easy! I take a TON of summer photos every year.
This page stars my adorable niece, Caroline. My mother and I were playing with her on the beach. I was trying to take her picture and she wanted me to pick her up! I love that photograph...looks like she's reaching right out of my scrapbook page...
When I love a product, I don't do too much else with it. I used all papers from my "Down the Boardwalk" pack.

Walking the world, again

Yesterday, I walked this 2.33 mile route. It took me fifty minutes. There are some nice houses to look at and a few hills for a challenge. I could have walked more, but was worried about getting caught in the rain.
I decided to think of the ''running the kids around'' time in a different light.. I am going to think of it as ME time. Instead of taking Miranda to practice and coming back an hour later, I am just going to stay there. If it's nice, I will walk. If it's not, I will read. I get too stressed out going back and forth, and I never get much accomplished.
On this day, I did the walk for 50 minutes, then headed back to the car just as the rain started. Miranda's practice went on for another 35 minutes, but I had brought a tote bag full of paperwork and spent that time going through everything. Ah, it felt good to be so productive, AND it was more relaxing than running around for an hour and a half. And I save gas money. Win win.
Tomorrow is Grace's first soccer game. She has to be there an hour and a half before the game. I think I will run ONE errand, and spend the rest of the time walking, or reading, depending on the weather. It has been so wet and rainy the past three months.

Some Two Peas Challenges

I joined the world of the Chatty Scrappers once again. I have been message-boarding with those women for at least five years, maybe more. I haven't been on much the past few years, but every now and again I pop on. The challenges are all just for fun and the ladies are always enjoyable to chat with, not to mention very inspirational.

So here are three challenges for the September thread:

ALWAYS TOGETHER- This is for Tina's challenge to use paint. I used some newly-found but very old Making Memories paint to edge my pictures and entire page. It is a very simple layout and needed a bit of something extra....the photos are from last summer at the cottage. We spent every evening watching the Olympics up in the tiny loft.

ON A STRING- This is for Toni's sketch challenge.  I love this page, but I am not so good at photographing pages. They never look as cute as they do in person.
I took a bunch of kids to the local Fall Jamboree last year, and we came across these adorable marionettes. Miranda just HAD to have the Panda, her favorite animal of all time.
I like the colors here. I used these really old Doodlebug Design acrylic letters. I didn't even remember having them! I must have used them before, because a few letters were missing and I could not complete my title. I remedied this by altering with a black pen..turned a P into an R, turned a C into an O. I was going to throw the rest out because I couldn't spell many more words with them, but I realized if you flip them over you have nice little acrylic dots. I could probably use them sometime.
I used baker's twine on the rooster photo to tie into the puppet theme.
I punced a little hole in the panda photo and stamped a red heart in it. I rarely stamp anymore because all that stuff was in the basement. Not anymore! Maybe I will start using stamps more often....

AUTUMN- Some more pictures from the Fall Jamboree. I absolutely love fall, it's my favorite season!
I used adorable fall papers and stickers from Creative Memories and made my own circle embellishments out of doilies. I love the way it turned out.

This is for Debi's challenge to use fall items on your page. No problem, since I am currently working on October of last year!!


My basement project hit a few snags. I discovered some serious mold problems. I also discovered mold in my old non-working hot tub that I thought was drained. See, when the flood happened, the husband took care of the hot tub, I thought. But he never completely drained it. So I have had that water just sitting down there for a few years.
We had a cover on it, and I used the hot tub as storage, basically. The motor was underwater and no longer worked. I peeked under the cover, thinking I should clean it out and ponder on how to get rid of it. I thought I saw a tub full of solid black mold. It was dark, and I was tired.
I also found some mold on the bottom of the wooden bar where I store my scrapbook stuff.
I collapsed into bed and worried all night about all this. I even cried, which I don't do often.
I was stressed and did not sleep well. Started to get that overwhelmed feeling I get when things go wrong and seem to be out of my control.
The next morning, my friend Neil called me and asked how my project was going. I told him of the mold, and he came right over and checked it out with me. The tub was full of water and had some surface mold on it, but it was actually clear. It must have had enough chemicals to keep it from being worse. We drained the tub, bleached and rinsed and dried it. It looks sparkly and new!! Then Neil played with a few fuses and discovered that it actually does work. He suggests I do not use it until it is professionally checked out, but he thinks I could have a hot tub once again.
He also says the bar is not so bad either. The mold is surfacey and could be cleaned off. We came up with a few plans on what to do next, but none of it could be done that day.
So everything that I worried about all night was not as bad as I imagined. I hate when I do that!
I had an extra four-tiered sturdy shelf in the garage and I put that up in my huge bedroom. That is where all my scrapbook stuff is now. It is all organized and neat and tidy, and I feel creative again!! It was such a chore scrapbooking when I had to dig through boxes of messiness to find what I needed!
I also don't know what I would do without Neil. I wish I did not have to depend on others so much, but I am not good at handyman stuff. I am trying to learn. Keep on truckin'! Anyway, I can't do much down there this week, but I have another three day weekend coming up. I can keep trying.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

I want my basement back!!

This is Labor Day weekend, and I am laboring. I happened to have three days off with no kids and no plans. A golden opportunity to get something accomplished.
I decided to get my basement back. Several years back, the basement got totally flooded. Drywall had to be torn down, lots of stuff was destroyed. Ever since then, it has been a very mildewy and unpleasant. But it is such a vast space, and  I want it back!
I also wanted to organize all my scrapbook stuff, too. I started with my dining room. The dining room table and an adjacent craft table were covered with crap, true horder style. I cleaned it all out, threw out tons of things, donated tons more, and organized my scrap supplies all over my family room floor. The dining room now looks pretty good.
I have a large bar down the basement filled with more scrap stuff, most of which I haven't touched in years. I kept traipsing up and down the stairs with armfulls of stuff. I sorted through all of that, too. I just put all the piles of my sorted scrap stuff into containers. Next I have to clean out that first room down there, so I can put all the scrap stuff back in there....

Next I need to de-cobweb.
I need to sweep really good.
I need to clean the bar really well.
Then I need to wash the basement floors with bleach and really really scrub with a push broom. I then need to rinse and shop vac it all up.
I need to close the windows that are now open when it gets darker.
I need to buy a dehumidifier and run it all night.
When the mustiness goes away, i can put my stuff back down there and try to make myself a little craft room.

I have three other rooms down there that need cleaning too. This will be a massive undertaking!
Of course, I am taking a few breaks. With all this scrapbook stuff laying around so organized, I was inspired to make some pages. I have done three so far!! That is my reward for hard work.

i found this link  with some helpful hints on cleaning a basement floor

I will post some pictures of everything here at the end of the day: