Saturday, July 27, 2013

Some favorite products of mine

 Spray deoderant, especially Secret, is a favorite of mine. I never thought to use the spray version until I went to Vegas and used the spa at Monte Carlo. They provide little spray deoderates for use after a workout. I switched from stick after I got back, and I no longer get white crap under my arms!

Apricot scrub, by Walmart's Equate brand, is my everyday facial scrub. It has coarse granules in it, and really gets the old makeup and dry skin off. I follow this with: Equate regenerating serum, below. I am not sure what it is supposed to do, but I do know that it makes my skin soft as baby skin. It is a must. The scrub above is inexpensive. The serum is about 14 dollars.

I am obsessed with hair products lately. In the past, i bought hairspray and maybe some mousse, and that was it. One day, I was waiting at the hairdressers and reading a hair magazine. I was fascinated by all the products metioned, and how they were used. So little by little, I have been experimenting. I tried this as an experiment today...smoothing shine serum. I put it on my wet hair after showering. It gave me a very slight wet look, and made my hair look less frizzly, which it does on occassioin in the summer. I got it at Sallys.

Here is my collection of bath products. My three girls and I love body lotion, body spray and body wash. We have quite a collection, enough to last a few years I think! I try to have one spray, one wash and one lotion in the shower at a time, and keep the rest in these baskets. The girls have even more in thier bathroom, and on their bedroom shelves.  I am not picky, I love it all. My favorite scents are food-related, like sugar cookie or pumkin pie. We exclusively use body wash instead of bar is much cleaner. I try to use lotion and spray after every shower because it makes me feel good, however, I skip it if I am in a hurry :)

And here is my favorite beauty tool of all time! Revlon tweezers. I left mine in Ohio when I was on vacation, and had to buy a replacement. I find that the REVLON brand really grabs. I haven't tweezed in two weeks and could not stand it any more!

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