Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I need a break!!!

Summers are usually so easy for me. I have four entire weeks to myself here at the house. There are no children's activities. All is good.
This summer is kind of sucking so far. I have very little kid-free time. The older girls are too busy to keep taking off, so they stay with me when the ex goes on vacation with the little one. Grrr...I love my children very very much, but I just need a break from cleaning up after them. Plus Holly has joined band and has practice three nights a week. One of my cars is in the shop, so I have given her mine so I don't have to go get her at nine pm, but now I can't go anywhere.  So my menu planning has really gone downhill.

I did make the shrimp boil macaroni salad. It was okay, but not worth making again.
I have been buying mangos and avacados at Walmart recently. They are both so so ripe that you have to eat them right away, but at least you don't have to wait for them to ripen! I have been going back every few days. We love both. I pack them in my lunches and eat them for snacks. We had mangos with our dinner yesterday. They tasted like perfume!!
My ex is not taking the kids today, nor is he taking them Friday, like I thought. He is only taking Miranda on Sunday for two weeks. Holly will stay with me so she can go to band practice. I am going to have to make sure she keeps this house clean. Very clean. She won't be busy during the day.

I am going to have to re-do my menu to adjust for this change of schedule. I am not going to preplan here, because my schedule and the girls' schedules are so messed up right now. I just jotted down a rather ambitious menu plan, but i am using it as  a guide and will shop for like three days then re-assess.

Today was leftover shrimp, and macaroni salad, and watermelon.
Tomorrow I will pick up a roaster chicken, roast some bell peppers, and maybe serve some tortillas on the side.
Friday I was thinking grilled shrimp. If I have the energy, a salad and some nice sides.

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