Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pride and Prejudice

Classics are free on the kindle, so I downloaded this one, as recommended by my sister, Amy. While I enjoyed the story and was anxious to get to the part of the book where Darcy and Elizabeth finally get together, I am not so sure I can take these Victorian-era  books seriously. Too much time has passed, and things are so different now. I can't imagine courting a man for weeks and still refering to him as Mr. Darcy. I can't imagine accepting a proposal from a man whom I haven't even kissed. And nobody works! They all just have family money. They do nothing all day but wonder about the character of everyone around them.
The most ridiculous part for me is where Lydia runs away with the soldier. They must marry to prevent the family from shame. Really? Nowadays, you may not be so happy about your child running off with a soldier, but that is more out of concern for said child than your social appearance. It was difficult for me to relate to the scandal.
I also skimmed much of the dialogue. I found it excessively wordy. For this reason, I probably will not be reading any more of Austen's books.

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