Sunday, June 3, 2012

Loved this one....

I started reading the hardcover CATCHING FIRE at home, which is dark and serious. So for the Kindle and my trips to the gym, I bought this one. I figured I needed something light and fluffy. I had already read a book by McQuestio, and liked the characters she creates. I noticed this was on sale on Amazon for 1.99 during the month of May and purchased it.
I always read the reviews on Amazon, and many readers thought it was too predictable. I didn't really. At first I thought the plot would be something from an ABC Family movie, but there were a few things I did not see coming. Intricate plots are not what I like about this reader anyway. It's the characters. I know all of them in real life....the lazy coworker, the pain-in-the-ass sister (although Mindy was an unusuallly awful sister!), the long-time friend who now has a baby and has no time for you. I loved the neighbors, too. The lead character, Lola, was quick to judge them, but they have interesting pasts and are not whAT SHE first sees.  I loved the storyline of the late Great Aunt, how Lola barely knew her or her history yet she inherited a house from her. She learns a bit about this Aunt, and herself, by reading diaries she left behind.
Even a thin plot can be interesting if the characters are this real and identifiable. I enjoyed this book immensly, especially compared to the rough, dark troubled life of Katniss Everdeen. McQuestion has one more book that I can read, perhaps this summer when I am on the beach!

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