Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Things on the cat front

Things are not good.
I got rid of all the kittens from the last litter...all are in good homes. Kiki went back to her home.
I have Shy Guy, my adult male.
I now have Ruby and her four kittens. They are all so adorable.....I will have to post photos later.
Then some tiny 2-week old kittens were found in a garage. We are trying to get Ruby to nurse them. She does it sometimes, but she also lets them starve sometimes. I tried to supplement them with a bottle today, to no avail. I am afraid these kittens might die.
There are no alternatives, however. We don't have enough foster care people to take care of everything. My theory is, they were going to die without us. Now they still may die, but they have a chance. Come on Ruby!!

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