Wednesday, March 7, 2012


No, not a recipe, but a cat!
Puddin' was a friendly Siamese cat who was taken away from his owners while they were being investigated for animal cruelty. We had him for two weeks while this investigation was going on.
The owners took him to the vets to be spayed. The vets discovered the animals balls tied together with a rubberband, all infected.
The District Attorney was contacted and the Humane Society had temporary custody of the cat. Turns out, the owners were just being stupid. They 'heard' rubberbanding was a good way to stop spraying, and did not intend to harm the cat. Their other cat was happy and healthy. Pudding was also a very friendly, happy, healthy looking cat. So ultimately, he was returned to the family.

I had to give him antibiotics for about a week. He did not get along well with my other two fosters, so he lived in my large bedroom. He did love it up there. Every time i walked in, he was sitting on one of the window sills sunning himself. Then he would roll over in front of me so I could rub his bellly!

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