Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Elton and Kiki

I have in my possession two new fosters, Elton and Kiki. Kiki is the tiniest mother cat I have ever seen. There is nothing to her. She's so small and skinny, it's hard to beleive she just had a litter of kittens! My job is to fatten her up a bit before she is spayed and returns to her owners.  She is very friendly, but noisy.,,,spent all night meowing. I think I will lock her and her son up in the bathroom at nights. That would also give Katrina and Shy Guy more room to breathe, as Kiki likes to chase them.
Her baby, Elton, is so darn cute! He was the runt of the litter and is adopted already, he also just needs to gain some wieght. Last night, he was bouncing all over the place. He has spent most of today just sleeping. I have not had this active a kitten in quite some time. This should be a fun two weeks!

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