Wednesday, December 28, 2011

oh blog, i have missed you! Christmas cat update too.

i have. my computer totally crashed. I bought a laptop and router, but I cannot make it ''wireless''. So i finally have a connection at home. Hated being without it.
I had a nice Christmas...pretty tame and stress-free!
Now it is almost January.

So here's an update from kitty land...
My big fat mom cat, Priscilla, got adopted on Christmas Eve. A woman got her because she felt her mother-in-law needed a cat. I felt an elderly woman would be perfect for Prissy, as she loves to lounge around and be adored. It is always risky to give a pet as a gift, but we at the Humane Society were okay with it. The woman paid ahead, and we told her if it did not work out, Priscilla could come back and live with me again. It was just worth
a chance to get her into a good home. So far, I haven't gotten any phone calls!

And cute Bandit found a home, a grad student who did not care what the cat looked like, but wanted lots of personalitly. Bandit has that! He is a crazy, funny kitten.

I have Katrina still, but have some leads for a home for her.

And somewhere in the house is a cat named Shy Guy, who I cannot find. He is a hider. I should never have taken a hider. They are too hard to take care of.

My mother gave me a sweatshirtfor Christmas that says "Cats are like potato chips..nobody can have just one!"  Made me laugh, and also made me realize I am known as the crazy cat lady in the family. Oh well....At least I do not keep all the cats! I mean, they are not mine...THAT would be crazy!

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