Saturday, November 5, 2011

Crayon costumes

 I made the crayon costumes this year for Miranda and her friend Molly. It was really pretty easy...
I bought plain white t shirts and long john pants.
I spray painted them with some spray fabric paint I found at Joann's. It was so much easier than dying! I simply laid the clothing out in the grass on some cardboard, sprayed, and let it dry.
I used black writing fabric paint for the squiggles.
I had these big letters laying around for scrapbooking. I traced around them for the 'crayolas'.
 The girls had specific color choices for their costumes, so I had to be sure everyone knew they were PASSION PINK and LIMA GREEN BEAN. I wanted lettering to go up the sides of the pants. I used my Cricut to cut out the words. I took out the letters and used the remaining negative as a template, or stencil. I simply brushed some of the fabric paint over the stencil. I think it turned out cute!

The hats were easy. I bought some dollar-store party hats and covered them with the appropriate color scrapbook paper. I used mod podge to adhere, and a little strip of tape on the seams. These were small, but easy for the girls to wear while trick or treating.
Then, we had to have fun with our costumes! We grabbed some pink and green sidewalk chalk and had ourselves a fun little photo shoot!

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