Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kitty land update

Katrina is looking good! She is the cat who was mauled by Hazel a few months back. She is completely cured!! She is very shy and I have been working on her, with some success. She is sweet, but would need to go to a home with quiet, patient people in it.
I still have Bandit and Priscilla. I will have to take updated pictures of them and post them. Bandit and Katrina  were neutered yesterday, so they are all set to be adopted.
I did call a man who ''might'' be interested in Bandit, but said he was on the fence. So I have had these cats for months now.
On the postivie side, I have had so many kittens in and out of here since spring.....let's see, twenty-one little kittens have lived here and been adopted since April. Then there have been about five moms. All of whom lived here a very short time before they found forever homes. I would like the three fosters I have to find good homes, but it does give me a bit of a break having this lull in interest. No phone calls, no people coming over here. No calls to take more cats. I am not taking any til all of these are gone.
I do need to take some better pictures though, update the Petfinder profiles.

That is my kitty update!

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