Sunday, November 6, 2011

browsing the web for fall

Halloween is over. I love fall. I need to ''autumn up" the house a bit. Last fall, I had a  flood in the basement...three feet of water total. I lost ALL my fall and Halloween decorations. Thankfully, Christmas was saved. I lost a few ornaments, but not EVERYTHING. So this year, there were no old Halloween things to put around the house, and now there are no cute little stuffed scarecrows to put on the mantle.
My mother's best friend is a crafter. She sews the cutest things. Over the years, Mom has supplied my home with chubby pilgrims and ragged little scarecrows. I lost them all. On the bright side, my mother is always wondering what I want for Christmas. I think I will ask for more of Ernie's special creations!
Until those arrive, I have nothing and have to start from scratch.

I made a few things for Halloween with Krylon hammered metal paint. I love that stuff! I spray painted a cheap plastic cauldron and it looks metal!! I also took a cheesy looking metal spider and turned it into a classy decoration. I made some Halloween coasters, too.

So now it's Thanksgiving time. I love fall decorations moreso than Halloween. I had pretty wreathes and table trees and all kinds of things. So, little by little, I will have to replenish my seasonal decorations.

I just took a quick look in blog land for ideas....I think I will make coasters. I use cheap tiles from Lowe's, Mod Podge, and scrapbook paper. That will cost me all of a buck.

Other ideas...I need to experiment with vinyl on my Cricut. I could make a vinly decoration and plop it on a plain gold plate. That would be easy. Then I could simply change it up for Christmas.

Then there's the Kryon paint. I could look for some cheap things to spray paint into gold!! I love my spider and cauldron. The items were inexpensive themselves, and the paint was about six bucks, but I still have half a can left.

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