Sunday, October 9, 2011

more food the kids liked

Sorry, no pictures. My camera battery charger was MIA. Got it back....but I do have somre recipes to file.

Super simple. Used the George Forman since it has been too rainy to grill. Used my Cowboy rub from previous chicken dinner. That stuff is good. It's a good idea to have a handy rub nearby. I usually make my own, but things have been busy....

1 1/2 lb Skirt Steak
Cowboy rub (or any rub of choice)
olive oil
mini bell peppers

Cut steak into serving size peices. Coat with rub. Skewer the mini peppers.
Brush steaks with oil and grill til done. Peppers will take longer to grill.

NOTE- My local super Walmart sells these mini bell peppers and the kids love them. However, I cannot find them anywhere else. I use a regular red pepper and cut it in chunks, on a skewer. Grilled peps are a very simple, healthy thing they love....


Easy, light and simple. My kids love fish. Tilapia is mild tasting, and they like it. Although they do prefer salmon...Anyway...

1 lemon
1 1/2 lb tilapia filet
fresh oregano
salt, pepper
grape tomatoes, cut in half

Preheat oven 400.
Grate and squeeze juice from lemon
Arrange fish in a baking dish. sprinkle evenly: lemon zest, oregano, salt and pepper over the top of fish.
Add tomatoes around dish.
Cover with foil and bake about 16-18 minutes, until fish is opaque.


My kids love shrimp. I buy frozen bags once in awhile, when on sale. I tried doing fancy things with the shrimp, but they prefer them sauteed in butter....easy.


I tried a new pizza recipe, and I really screwed it up. But, lo and behold, they liked it. I changed it up a bit to suit their tastes...It was quick and easy, and a little different. Tastes more like an appetizer than a real pizza, which we have too much of, anyway.  I did overcook the was too burnt for me. I will have to watch it more closely next time.

Pizza dough- I had to use the refridgerator roll, but I would have prefered the balls you can buy.
red onion
black olives, sliced
olive oil
fresh mozzerella cheese

Preheat oven to 450. Stretch pizza dough onto desired pan. Prick holes in it with a fork.
Cover with sliced onion and olives. Drizzle with oil.
Bake about 8 minutes or until dough is slightly golden.
Remove from oven and add slices of cheese.
Bake again for about 3 minutes, or until cheese is softened.
Place prosciutto on pizza and drizzle on more oil, sprinkle with pepper.

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