Saturday, October 1, 2011

Holly's room

This is my favorite weekend of the month. It's the weekend when the ex has the kids and I don't have to work. I don't have to cook for anyone, or drive anyone around.
I planned on watching Miranda's soccer game, but it is like 44 degrees here, rainy and windy. Plus it's an hours drive from here, so I skipped it. My kids know that I no longer sit in the rain to watch soccer....I have done it too many years!!
So I decided to paint Holly's bedroom.

When we first bought the house four years ago, Holly wanted lime ceilings and lemony yellow walls with purple accents. WOW....okay.

Over the years, we have bought many lime and purple things for her room...bedding, a chair, a rug...things that went along with her color scheme. But we never painted.
Once my husband and I split up, I really couldn't afford to do much on the house.

I did paint her ceilings three years ago. They are VERY lime! And I used a hand roller brush where I should have used the extended handle. So the cieling has a very ''spongy, swirly"  look to it. I wanted to fix it, but Holly LOVES it that way.

Now things are better and I can relax a little financially. Plus I have occasional weekends off with no kids!!

So, today, for some reason, I decided to paint her walls. She is a sophomore now, and will only be in that room for three years more, so I'd like her to have a nice room. I am not telling anyone I am doing this, either. I hope to have her room all done by the time she comes home tomorrow.

I work one wall at a time. I have always painted this keeps me from getting bored or tired. Holly's room has six walls. Most of the walls have a pock-mark areas from the previous owner removing a border.
I used spackle and putty knifes to smooth this out. When I painted the cielings, I did not tape the walls, so lime green paint spills over the tops of the walls. This was not a good idea on my part, for now I have to prime the top of the walls all around the room.

Well, I prepped wall #1, the largest wall. As I waited for the primer and spackle to dry, I put down the painter's tape and moved on to prepping the next two walls.

Wall #3 has foam tape stuck to it, so that will take some time to remove. I use ''Goo-Be-Gone" and an old credit card to scrape with....HELPFUL HINT: I use duck tape to tape the credit card to the "Goo-Be-Gone". That way it is always handy when I need it. And any time I have ever used that product, I had to have a scraping tool.

Once done with that, I started painting wall looks pretty good! I love the color. Another advantage to doing it one wall at a time: you can see if you'll need two coats, or if you like the color, or brand of paint.

I am taking a break to eat. I am starving! Painting like this is a good workout, too. I use a step-ladder and a hand-roller, and am constantly up and down on that thing. My butt will be sore tomorrow!! My arms, too!

I took some before pictures, but now my camera battery has died and needs to be recharged.

Holly's room is very big, and I am just starting to realize I may be painting until 2 a.m.!! We shall see, be back later!!

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