Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Things are not good in Catworld

I took on too many cats this summer. I have learned a lesson! It is difficult to have mixed families of cats. I have Hazel living upstairs...she is the mom from my prevous litter. She is aggressive to all other cats in the home. I try to seperate her, but she gets out of the bedroom...my doors are not that great at staying closed.
I have Bandit and Marco, who are two adorable brothers. They live in the middle floor and are perfect little pets.
Then there is Priscilla, Katrina and Duncan..A mom and two longhair kittens. They hang in the basement and are terrified of Hazel. Duncan got adopted.
I just noticed today that little Katrina looks like she has a wound on her neck. Now I've gotta see about getting her into the vets. I don't know if Hazel attacked her, or what. I have hardly been home.
It is too hard to have all this going on during soccer season. For the next two months, I will be running constantly on weeknights, and Saturday afternoons. I am so far behind with laundry, etc. It's hard to take the extra time these cats need.
I decided from now on, i will only have one 'family' at a time. If i still have a mother, I won't take any new kittens. This would be incentive for the society to place these cats for me instead of piling it on. Not like it's their fault, there are so many homeless kittens and cats, and very few fosters. But these cats aren't doing well in my home, and what good is a foster home if they aren't safe.
I also decided that I will not take ANY cats during the months of September and October. Holly and Grace are playing JV soccer, Miranda is on a travel team, as well as dance and tumbling. I don't think my kids are neccesarily overscheduled, but high school sports are all-consuming. The girls have so much homework that they cannot help me like they usually do. So i am overtaxed. Anyway, that's the cat scoop..i hope it gets better soon.

this is Marco..he is an absolute sweetie. I love him!

and here is brother Bandit, a friendly purr factory.

Duncan was quite shy, but has found a good home

Here is mommy Priscilla. She is very loving, quiet.

and here is the Evil Hazel!! I should change her name to Witch Hazel. She is quite nice upstairs, but does not like any other cats. She needs a home where she is the only one.

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