Tuesday, September 20, 2011

THere's been a mauling!!

Yes, poor Katrina.

Geez, i wish i knew how to turn pictures on here.

ANYWAYS...the poor thing did not just have a cut on her throat, she was mauled by the evil cat Hazel. She probably did it Sunday while I was out. Come to think of it, I did not see Katrina all weekend. She came up Monday and I thought she threw up on herself. Didn't know it was blood.

Hazel is now living at the Humane society office. I knew she was too aggressive and we were trying to place her for a week now, there was just no where to put her.

Well, she attacked this poor kitty, and ripped her throat. The wound is large and open. It can't be closed..which is extremely gross. She is sickly now...has a fever, has infection in the wound. I took her to a vet appointment just a few hours ago. It will take a lot of care to get her better. I feel so bad about letting her get mauled. I owe it to her to help her heal.
I have her in a large cage now...need to moniter her litterbox and food, water intake. I have to give her medicine several times a day..which is no bid deal.
The hardest thing is that wound. I have to hotpack it with water-soaked rags 'several times' a day, and then apply ointment to the outlying area. It is a huge gaping hole...yuck.
And if she doesn't eat enough on her own, i will have to syringe-feed her to get her strong again.

That poor baby!! She is so quiet and sweet, skittish. Usually she's quite attractive. Right now, she looks like Headwound Harry. So she won't be getting photographed and put up on Petfinder just now. I am going to try my best to take such good care of her. I actually like giving cats medicine and 'caring' for them. I guess it reminds me of having babies. I don't think i will enjoy treating a gaping hole in her throat. Ick....

So now I have four fosters. Katrina will be under my care for three weeks at least. Her mom, Priscilla, is really a nice, pretty cat. And the boys...Marco and Bandit. They are so cute and funny, they are sure to get adopted soon. Then I need a break.....

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