Tuesday, September 20, 2011

my pinterest board pic of the day....

From Confessions of a Cook Book queen...a simple meringue recipe, colored to match. I may try this on the weekend. I have all the stuff here. How cute are these!!!

And here is a link for caramel cake cupcakes, that would be perfect dressed up as apples!!

So there is some inspiration for me. Now all I need is some time. GEEZ...I had today off because I worked the weekend. I TRIED....INTENDED to do something for myself on this day off. A scrapbook page, something. But I ended up getting too busy.
I slept in a bit, but that was much needed! I have not been sleeping well.
I did all my shopping...Wallmart, Groceries, and the sporting goods store to get new Nike Air's for work.
I came home and put everything away.
I cooked dinner early so it'd be ready for the girls at 5:30.
I mowed the lawn quickly.
I made FIVE trips into town....drove Mir's dance bag over to Ally's house..that is where she goes after school..and they take her to dance since I cannot during soccer season.
I went to the high school to pick the girls up from practice. I stopped at the Humane Society and talked to them about my cat issues.....
I had to go home and get Hazel and bring her to the Society office to live.
I had to pick Miranda and Alli up for dance, AND
I had to take Katrina the kitty to an emergency vet appointment. Turns out she was mauled..more on that later. THEN i had to stop at Walmart AGAIN...To get items to take care of Katrina.

Came home and prepared a sick cage for Katrina.
Finished cleaning up the kitchen.
And i am attempting to do laundry. I am getting it washed and dried but haven't had time to fold anything. YIKES. Thank God I was off.

Was good to cut the lawn, though. It has been so rainy that the grass is growing fast, but there are few opportunities to get it cut. I drove on high speed...which i usually don't do. Made me dizzy :)

Since i did not have time for myself to do anything creative or fun, I am sitting down and blogging. Then it's off to bed....

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