Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ice Cream Kittens

It's been a long, strange summer. We did have more kittens...
Creamsicle, Bryer and Edy. I absolutely loved them. Thier mother was a stray, and she got hit by a car. When neighbors saw the accident, they went to investigate and noticed a litter of four kits. One died, but three survived. They came into my care at about six weeks. They went from hissing, scared little things to very loving kittens. The last one to get adopted was Edy..she was my ONLY thing in this house for one whole week. The girls were with thier dad for a week, and Edy was my little buddy! Was sad to see her go, but they all went to nice homes.

Now i have a mom, Hazel, and her three lovely kitties. I stilll need to take pictures of them. Porsche is a lovely siamese, Bentley is a flame-point siamese, and Royce is a gray and white tuxedo...very cute. Hazel is off getting spayed tonight, and people are coming from Watertown.tommorrow night to see Bentley. They are a bit shy, but so beautiful.

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