Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Home on the kitten ranch....

I had my third litter last month....They were the best. The kittens were so so cute. The cutest ever! And they were unbelievably playful and friendly. They were all adopted quickly....

Here is the runt, Snapple, with his mom, Lacy.

 And here's Blizzard. He was my absolute favorite.
 Litte Toffee loved my shoes.
 And the only girl of the litter, Chachi. She was beautiful!!!
Like I say, the all got adopted. And i was kitten free...for a whole week. Now I have a litter whose mother was hit by a car. Neighbors saw the accident and noticed the baby kittens nearby. One kitten died, the others are with me. They seemed shy at first, but are coming along nicely. I was just up there playing with them. They aren't available for adoption just yet...i was waiting a few days to gauge them and see how they do and if they'd make good pets. I think they would. I will post pics of Timmy, Billy and Creamsicle as soon as I find that darned camera!!!

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