Monday, May 9, 2011

pictures from Easter

First off, a little inspiration. These eggs were made using rubber bands before dying. I did this!! I liked it. Easy and cool-looking.

My mother was up visiting from Ohio over the kid's spring break. She let Miranda invite some friends over and they made some cute cupcakes with Mir's BabyCakes cupcake maker. We had mini mallows, jelly beans and peeps on hand, as well as some little umbrellas. I guess you can call these tropical easter cupcakes.
We had a great Easter...spent the night Saturday at cousin Susan's house. We had Easter dinner Saturday night, then the girls and I spent hours making Easter eggs. My girls are so creative that it takes FOREVER to color eggs. I am guilty,too. I like to experiment and use all materials available. So we were up til midnight!!!

Grace is in love with House (TV doctor). So here is an egg to commemorate him! I don't know what's up with the target. She's silly.
AND HERE's my litte rubber band egg. I like this tecnique.

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