Sunday, May 15, 2011

More tales of tails....May's litter of kittens

The new mother cat, Alice.
Yep, the litter from April are all adopted out to good homes. Which means I was free to take ANOTHER litter of kits in May. This time, the momma cat was surrendered when her owners realized she was pregnant and about to have kitties. They claimed they could not afford their heating bills and worried about the newborn kits. At least they didn't toss the kittens in a dumpster like some people do.
Times are tough up here, which means more work for us at the Humane Society as folks have to leave their homes and move into apartments that don't allow pets.
Before I get to the kittens, let me rant a bit. I was at the dollar store yesterday buying cat toys and items for Miranda's friend's birthday gift (she wanted donations to the humane society instead of presents, inspired by us!!) The young clerk at the store asked me if I liked cats, so I told her what I did. She then proceeded to tell me how she wants to find a home for her cat because she does not want her anymore. ''Cleaning the litter box is just something I don't have time for anymore", she said. "i love the cat, but I want someone to take it. What do I do?"
By that I believe she meant, ''oh, Humane Society person, take my cat because I am an idiot." I explained to her that we cannot do that. Even if an owner has a good reason to give up a pet (moving, allergies, etc), we cannot take care of the pets that aren't in dire need because there are so many that are. So many rescues from unkept hoarder houses, so many kits dumped on farm properties. So many cats that WILL die if we don't intervene.
And who doesn't have time to clean a litter box?? This is a young young girl, probably early twenties. And, to be fair, I know nothing about her. But I am a single mom with three very active girls, a full time job, a large house and a big yard to take care of. With no family around, and no boyfriend in the picture to help me out. And at the moment, I have SIX cats to take care of. I have to clean three litter boxes daily. When I only have my own cat, I only clean it out two or three times a week, which takes me all of five minutes. REALLY??
Okay, rant over.

This latest litter comes from a tortie mom, ALICE. She has two tortie girls (Carmen and Autumn) and two black boys (Smith and Augustus). All four kits are spoken for. Two left today.

This is Augustus, or Gus, or Gussy. He is so freakin' darn cute. He is funny, too. Loves to roll on his back and have his tummy rubbed. Last night, he sat on the couch and watched 'Pirates of the Caribean with Holly and I. Cuddled near us and just wanted some petting.
He went to his forever home today, a young couple who were quite excited to get him. They seemed like great people, too. The guy was pretty cute, very likeable. He said he works long hours and his girlfriend wanted a kitty to keep her company. Gus will be happy there, he'll get plenty of attention.
This is Carmen. She is so beautiful. Both tortie girls are so calm and precious, the kind of cats who don't mind being wrapped in blankets and carried around like newborns. Which is good, since that's exactly what Miranda and her little friend did last night!! She will leave on Tuesday.
Here is little Autum. She is a sweetie-pie. She was sick, and I have had to give her antibiotics twice a day. Which makes me love her more, because I get to take care of her. She is JUST too sweet. She left today with this woman who I really really like. She came last week to meet her, and I immediatlely liked her and her two older teenage children. They were nice, sociable, cat-loving people. Today she brought her boyfirend, a very nice, good-looking man. She was just ecstatic to take this little kitty home.

And there is not a doubt in my mind that she will be loved more than any kitten deserves!!!

I still need to take pictures of Smith (short for Blacksmith. Yes, we are running out of cat names!)

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