Monday, May 9, 2011

last litter ...all adopted!!

Cupcake and Cookie have both been adopted by my friend, Alicia. The family is ecstatic to have cats once again, for they just recently lost their long-time pet. They are now called Abby and Brady.

Little Leyla, the runt, was adopted by a family with four kids. She is now called Zena. My friend Bev knows the family and says she is SO happy and adored. She showed my a pic of Zena and her new little girl owner.
The torties, Lollipop and Chirp, went to a couple who have a cat already. They not only took the kitties, but their mom, Daisy, too!! I am so happy they get to stay with thier mommy.

So that litter is gone. And i have another one. I haven't photographed those guys yet..maybe tonight. THey are a little shier than these guys were. Two of the four kits are already pre-adopted.

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