Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Kittens have arrived!!!!

Daisy and the crew


The runt, as of yet unnamed

Say hello to kittens (and cat) number nineteen thru twenty-four!
Our momma cat and her five babies have come to stay with us for a month. They are SO cute and tiny!!!
And they ALL have homes to go to when their stay here is done!
During there stay, i will have to introduce the little ones to food and see if I need to litter train them. I have NEVER had cats so small!!!

We call the mom Daisy.
Miranda's kittens are Cupcake and Lollipop.
Mine is Cookie.
Holly's is Chirp.
Gracie has the runt, and she has not named it yet.

I will give them each their own photo shoot within the next week.

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blade900 said...

hi mandylee, we too have kittens that were born last tuesday, they are just starting to open their eyes, they are so cute. we took in the mummy cat after the bad floods here in Queensland Australia, but didnt realize that she came complete with a tummy full of arms & legs. my little girls are ssooooo in love with the new arrivals it will be hard to part with them when the time comes. just hope i can find great homes for them.