Wednesday, March 30, 2011


There is SO MUCH in the way of inspiration out there in bloggerland. I am obsessed with looking at all the cool things I can do. So in an effort to cut down on surf time, i took fifteen minutes and found some inspiration. I put it here, and I can look at my OWN blog for inspiration!! So Easter is coming..
we are going to Susan's for Easter weekend. This is an easy, cool thing we can do! We all love how about Peep straws?
And look at this adorable bouquet of Peeps. This would be a good hostess gift for Susan. She likes flowers AND Peeps. Perhaps I can find a cheap dollar store or Big Lot's glass vase, add jelly beans and peeps and maybe some small bouquet of flowers. CUTE!!!

WOW....this looks yummy. I have to try this. I found it at SCISSORS AND SPATULAS. I am trying to link it up. I have to make this.
looks like all you need are white chocolate chips and jelly beans.

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