Thursday, March 31, 2011

Going Green event at Scrapbook Heaven

I love to do scrapbook on-line crops and challenges. I have won many scrapbook supplies this way, and I seem to need a challenge to get my butt in gear.
Scrapbook Heaven

is having a month-long event with the subject of 'going green'. I completed four challenges, and may do one or two more. They are due tomorrow at midnight.

Here are the ones that I have done...

March 20- this prompt had a link to an article on how to be thrifty while scrapbooking. We were to choose anything from the article. I chose to make a page using souvenirs from my summer vacation.

March 1- Use only old stuff...there is a lot of old stuff on this page! i have had the border stickers since the mid 90s!!
MARCH 24-Use imperfect photos. The smaller photo is shadowy, but I like it. It reflects the day. This is a really simple page, but , you's done.
MARCH 19- Use green letters. I did a bunch of pages this month at an overnight crop. I was working on vacation photos that weekend. This one has pictures of my kids, neice and nephew eating summer corn. I love the picture of them all at the table, totally not excited to have me photograph them while eating!!
I used my cricut to make the cool letters, and put that over a close-up pic of the corn.

I may have time to do one or two more challenges. Some of the more do-able ones..
March 23- tp napkin rings
March 15- ribbon covered shape
March 10- use an unconventional item
March 13- paint chip art
March 5- stamp with trash

I have also done four challenges for my 2 peas group for March.

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