Wednesday, March 30, 2011



again, Richard
I am very proud to foster cats for the local Humane Society. I have one cat, Poppy. She is my crazy, deranged forever cat. I think having so many fosters in the home have altered her psychological well being!!
Anyways, in the last fourteen months, we have fostered 18 kitties. And successfully adopted out 18 kitties. I am foster-free at the moment, but next Tuesday I will get a mom and five baby kittens. YIKES!!
Here are some of my previous kitties above. We also had Delilah, Shadow, Pepper, Gunnar and Melody, Coco, PJ, Bob, Noodles and Keller. And to think, six more coming!!
18 cats, that's something....

Things to do to get ready for these cats:
Borrow a big cage
make a room for them
lots of old towels and blankets (thrift shop?)
get pate food and vitamins
paperwork (work computers)
clean up previous cat messes and paperwork
stock up on litter
small litter box

This may be quite a bit of work. The kits are about four weeks old, and i have never had any so small before. I hope they litter train easily.

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