Thursday, March 31, 2011

Going Green event at Scrapbook Heaven

I love to do scrapbook on-line crops and challenges. I have won many scrapbook supplies this way, and I seem to need a challenge to get my butt in gear.
Scrapbook Heaven

is having a month-long event with the subject of 'going green'. I completed four challenges, and may do one or two more. They are due tomorrow at midnight.

Here are the ones that I have done...

March 20- this prompt had a link to an article on how to be thrifty while scrapbooking. We were to choose anything from the article. I chose to make a page using souvenirs from my summer vacation.

March 1- Use only old stuff...there is a lot of old stuff on this page! i have had the border stickers since the mid 90s!!
MARCH 24-Use imperfect photos. The smaller photo is shadowy, but I like it. It reflects the day. This is a really simple page, but , you's done.
MARCH 19- Use green letters. I did a bunch of pages this month at an overnight crop. I was working on vacation photos that weekend. This one has pictures of my kids, neice and nephew eating summer corn. I love the picture of them all at the table, totally not excited to have me photograph them while eating!!
I used my cricut to make the cool letters, and put that over a close-up pic of the corn.

I may have time to do one or two more challenges. Some of the more do-able ones..
March 23- tp napkin rings
March 15- ribbon covered shape
March 10- use an unconventional item
March 13- paint chip art
March 5- stamp with trash

I have also done four challenges for my 2 peas group for March.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011



again, Richard
I am very proud to foster cats for the local Humane Society. I have one cat, Poppy. She is my crazy, deranged forever cat. I think having so many fosters in the home have altered her psychological well being!!
Anyways, in the last fourteen months, we have fostered 18 kitties. And successfully adopted out 18 kitties. I am foster-free at the moment, but next Tuesday I will get a mom and five baby kittens. YIKES!!
Here are some of my previous kitties above. We also had Delilah, Shadow, Pepper, Gunnar and Melody, Coco, PJ, Bob, Noodles and Keller. And to think, six more coming!!
18 cats, that's something....

Things to do to get ready for these cats:
Borrow a big cage
make a room for them
lots of old towels and blankets (thrift shop?)
get pate food and vitamins
paperwork (work computers)
clean up previous cat messes and paperwork
stock up on litter
small litter box

This may be quite a bit of work. The kits are about four weeks old, and i have never had any so small before. I hope they litter train easily.


There is SO MUCH in the way of inspiration out there in bloggerland. I am obsessed with looking at all the cool things I can do. So in an effort to cut down on surf time, i took fifteen minutes and found some inspiration. I put it here, and I can look at my OWN blog for inspiration!! So Easter is coming..
we are going to Susan's for Easter weekend. This is an easy, cool thing we can do! We all love how about Peep straws?
And look at this adorable bouquet of Peeps. This would be a good hostess gift for Susan. She likes flowers AND Peeps. Perhaps I can find a cheap dollar store or Big Lot's glass vase, add jelly beans and peeps and maybe some small bouquet of flowers. CUTE!!!

WOW....this looks yummy. I have to try this. I found it at SCISSORS AND SPATULAS. I am trying to link it up. I have to make this.
looks like all you need are white chocolate chips and jelly beans.