Wednesday, December 28, 2011

oh blog, i have missed you! Christmas cat update too.

i have. my computer totally crashed. I bought a laptop and router, but I cannot make it ''wireless''. So i finally have a connection at home. Hated being without it.
I had a nice Christmas...pretty tame and stress-free!
Now it is almost January.

So here's an update from kitty land...
My big fat mom cat, Priscilla, got adopted on Christmas Eve. A woman got her because she felt her mother-in-law needed a cat. I felt an elderly woman would be perfect for Prissy, as she loves to lounge around and be adored. It is always risky to give a pet as a gift, but we at the Humane Society were okay with it. The woman paid ahead, and we told her if it did not work out, Priscilla could come back and live with me again. It was just worth
a chance to get her into a good home. So far, I haven't gotten any phone calls!

And cute Bandit found a home, a grad student who did not care what the cat looked like, but wanted lots of personalitly. Bandit has that! He is a crazy, funny kitten.

I have Katrina still, but have some leads for a home for her.

And somewhere in the house is a cat named Shy Guy, who I cannot find. He is a hider. I should never have taken a hider. They are too hard to take care of.

My mother gave me a sweatshirtfor Christmas that says "Cats are like potato chips..nobody can have just one!"  Made me laugh, and also made me realize I am known as the crazy cat lady in the family. Oh well....At least I do not keep all the cats! I mean, they are not mine...THAT would be crazy!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kitty land update

Katrina is looking good! She is the cat who was mauled by Hazel a few months back. She is completely cured!! She is very shy and I have been working on her, with some success. She is sweet, but would need to go to a home with quiet, patient people in it.
I still have Bandit and Priscilla. I will have to take updated pictures of them and post them. Bandit and Katrina  were neutered yesterday, so they are all set to be adopted.
I did call a man who ''might'' be interested in Bandit, but said he was on the fence. So I have had these cats for months now.
On the postivie side, I have had so many kittens in and out of here since spring.....let's see, twenty-one little kittens have lived here and been adopted since April. Then there have been about five moms. All of whom lived here a very short time before they found forever homes. I would like the three fosters I have to find good homes, but it does give me a bit of a break having this lull in interest. No phone calls, no people coming over here. No calls to take more cats. I am not taking any til all of these are gone.
I do need to take some better pictures though, update the Petfinder profiles.

That is my kitty update!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More meal ideas

COUSCOUS- Near East, from a box. Miranda just loves it. Eats leftovers for a snack!! Stock up when it's on sale.

HORSERADISH MASHED POTATOES- Loved this dish. All the girls ate it.

1 1/2 lb red new potatoes, quartered
4 TBS olive oil
2 TBS horseradish sauce

Bring Potatoes and enough water to cover by 1 inch to a boil. Cook 15 minutes or until fork tender. Drain, reserving some of the cooking liquid. Return potatoes to pot with about 1/2c cooking water, oil and horseradish and salt. Mash until smooth.

I used Central Market's smoky horseradish. I loved the smokiness...tastes like a hint of bacon might be in there.

ARTICHOKES- I bought some baby artichokes and microwaved them. The kids liked them, but I think we would all like the large ones better. The Artichoke Council has good directions on ways to prepare artichokes several different ways...

LEMON PASTA WITH SQUASH AND PANCETTA- This was a very good dish. I loved the pancetta.

Salt and pepper
1 box fettucini
1c marscapone cheese, softened
1 lemon
2 tsp olive oil
2 oz pancetta, diced
1 summer squash, sliced
1 TBS butter, softened
parmasean cheese

Cook pasta according to directions. Drain, reserving 1/2 c cooking water.
Meanwhile, in large bowl, combine marscapone, zest of one lemon, 2 Tbs freshly squeezed lemon juice, salt and pepper.
In skillet, heat olive oil. Cook pancetta until crisp, about four minutes.
Remove. Add squash to skillet and cook 2 minutes.
After pasta is drained, return to bowl. Add cooking water and butter. Gently toss.
Add marscapone mixture, squash, and pancetta.
Toss. Serve with parmesan cheese.

PUMPKIN SOUP- I removed the curry called for in this recipe because I did not think my little jury would like it. I was right. They loved the soup. It was pretty good, but I may add a little tidbit of some spices next time.

2 TBS cannola oil
onion powder
chopped garlic 2 tsp
1 TBS curry
1 tsp salt
ground red pepper, pinch
2 cans pumpkin, 15oz each
4 c chicken broth
1c whipping cream

In large cooking pot, heat oil. Add onion powder and garlic and cook a few minutes. Stir in desired spices, salt, pepper, pumpkin and broth. Heat to boiling. Reduce heat and simmer 15 minutes, stirring occassionally.
Stir in cream and until heated through.

I Served it with a loaf of artisan bread and some pomegranite.
The girls LOVE pomegranite seeds!! I bought two and divided the seeds into three ramekins. They were devoured. Love it when I find a simple fruit or veggie that they consider a treat.

ROASTED CAULIFLOWER AND BROCCOLI- This was very very good! When your kids come back for more vegies, you gotta make it again! I never roasted these veggies before, and I really liked it.

1 head cauliflower
1 head broccoli
2 TBS olive oil

Heat oven to 425.
Cut up cauli and broc into florets.
In large roasting pan, add florets and toss with oil. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Roast uncovered, about 25 minutes or until browned and tender.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

browsing the web for fall

Halloween is over. I love fall. I need to ''autumn up" the house a bit. Last fall, I had a  flood in the basement...three feet of water total. I lost ALL my fall and Halloween decorations. Thankfully, Christmas was saved. I lost a few ornaments, but not EVERYTHING. So this year, there were no old Halloween things to put around the house, and now there are no cute little stuffed scarecrows to put on the mantle.
My mother's best friend is a crafter. She sews the cutest things. Over the years, Mom has supplied my home with chubby pilgrims and ragged little scarecrows. I lost them all. On the bright side, my mother is always wondering what I want for Christmas. I think I will ask for more of Ernie's special creations!
Until those arrive, I have nothing and have to start from scratch.

I made a few things for Halloween with Krylon hammered metal paint. I love that stuff! I spray painted a cheap plastic cauldron and it looks metal!! I also took a cheesy looking metal spider and turned it into a classy decoration. I made some Halloween coasters, too.

So now it's Thanksgiving time. I love fall decorations moreso than Halloween. I had pretty wreathes and table trees and all kinds of things. So, little by little, I will have to replenish my seasonal decorations.

I just took a quick look in blog land for ideas....I think I will make coasters. I use cheap tiles from Lowe's, Mod Podge, and scrapbook paper. That will cost me all of a buck.

Other ideas...I need to experiment with vinyl on my Cricut. I could make a vinly decoration and plop it on a plain gold plate. That would be easy. Then I could simply change it up for Christmas.

Then there's the Kryon paint. I could look for some cheap things to spray paint into gold!! I love my spider and cauldron. The items were inexpensive themselves, and the paint was about six bucks, but I still have half a can left.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Crayon costumes

 I made the crayon costumes this year for Miranda and her friend Molly. It was really pretty easy...
I bought plain white t shirts and long john pants.
I spray painted them with some spray fabric paint I found at Joann's. It was so much easier than dying! I simply laid the clothing out in the grass on some cardboard, sprayed, and let it dry.
I used black writing fabric paint for the squiggles.
I had these big letters laying around for scrapbooking. I traced around them for the 'crayolas'.
 The girls had specific color choices for their costumes, so I had to be sure everyone knew they were PASSION PINK and LIMA GREEN BEAN. I wanted lettering to go up the sides of the pants. I used my Cricut to cut out the words. I took out the letters and used the remaining negative as a template, or stencil. I simply brushed some of the fabric paint over the stencil. I think it turned out cute!

The hats were easy. I bought some dollar-store party hats and covered them with the appropriate color scrapbook paper. I used mod podge to adhere, and a little strip of tape on the seams. These were small, but easy for the girls to wear while trick or treating.
Then, we had to have fun with our costumes! We grabbed some pink and green sidewalk chalk and had ourselves a fun little photo shoot!

Some lovely photos

Boy, I have some catching up to do. It has been crazy in my life during soccer season. Now that things have calmed down, I find myself with some time. I want to update my blog a little. I did have moments of creativity and culinary action, photography and cat care action the last few months. First of, I'd love to share some photos of my two oldest lovely daughters...

 Gracie!! She is turning fourteen this week, and is a freshman in high school. Her friend took this picture and I love it!
Holly is going to be sixteen on New Years Eve this year. She is a sophomore. The photo is  a little blury, but I love this look...she often wears her hair up or in a ponytail or something. And I like the scarf on her.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

more food the kids liked

Sorry, no pictures. My camera battery charger was MIA. Got it back....but I do have somre recipes to file.

Super simple. Used the George Forman since it has been too rainy to grill. Used my Cowboy rub from previous chicken dinner. That stuff is good. It's a good idea to have a handy rub nearby. I usually make my own, but things have been busy....

1 1/2 lb Skirt Steak
Cowboy rub (or any rub of choice)
olive oil
mini bell peppers

Cut steak into serving size peices. Coat with rub. Skewer the mini peppers.
Brush steaks with oil and grill til done. Peppers will take longer to grill.

NOTE- My local super Walmart sells these mini bell peppers and the kids love them. However, I cannot find them anywhere else. I use a regular red pepper and cut it in chunks, on a skewer. Grilled peps are a very simple, healthy thing they love....


Easy, light and simple. My kids love fish. Tilapia is mild tasting, and they like it. Although they do prefer salmon...Anyway...

1 lemon
1 1/2 lb tilapia filet
fresh oregano
salt, pepper
grape tomatoes, cut in half

Preheat oven 400.
Grate and squeeze juice from lemon
Arrange fish in a baking dish. sprinkle evenly: lemon zest, oregano, salt and pepper over the top of fish.
Add tomatoes around dish.
Cover with foil and bake about 16-18 minutes, until fish is opaque.


My kids love shrimp. I buy frozen bags once in awhile, when on sale. I tried doing fancy things with the shrimp, but they prefer them sauteed in butter....easy.


I tried a new pizza recipe, and I really screwed it up. But, lo and behold, they liked it. I changed it up a bit to suit their tastes...It was quick and easy, and a little different. Tastes more like an appetizer than a real pizza, which we have too much of, anyway.  I did overcook the was too burnt for me. I will have to watch it more closely next time.

Pizza dough- I had to use the refridgerator roll, but I would have prefered the balls you can buy.
red onion
black olives, sliced
olive oil
fresh mozzerella cheese

Preheat oven to 450. Stretch pizza dough onto desired pan. Prick holes in it with a fork.
Cover with sliced onion and olives. Drizzle with oil.
Bake about 8 minutes or until dough is slightly golden.
Remove from oven and add slices of cheese.
Bake again for about 3 minutes, or until cheese is softened.
Place prosciutto on pizza and drizzle on more oil, sprinkle with pepper.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

done painting!!

I am's 11:30 exactly!! Right in time for SNL.
The room looks great! I am pretty tired, so i just washed my hands and paintbrush.
I will put the room back together in the morning.

It looks really cute!! I am so happy, and so DONE for the night.....if i can find my camera charger, I can take some pics...BUMMER....

Holly's room

This is my favorite weekend of the month. It's the weekend when the ex has the kids and I don't have to work. I don't have to cook for anyone, or drive anyone around.
I planned on watching Miranda's soccer game, but it is like 44 degrees here, rainy and windy. Plus it's an hours drive from here, so I skipped it. My kids know that I no longer sit in the rain to watch soccer....I have done it too many years!!
So I decided to paint Holly's bedroom.

When we first bought the house four years ago, Holly wanted lime ceilings and lemony yellow walls with purple accents. WOW....okay.

Over the years, we have bought many lime and purple things for her room...bedding, a chair, a rug...things that went along with her color scheme. But we never painted.
Once my husband and I split up, I really couldn't afford to do much on the house.

I did paint her ceilings three years ago. They are VERY lime! And I used a hand roller brush where I should have used the extended handle. So the cieling has a very ''spongy, swirly"  look to it. I wanted to fix it, but Holly LOVES it that way.

Now things are better and I can relax a little financially. Plus I have occasional weekends off with no kids!!

So, today, for some reason, I decided to paint her walls. She is a sophomore now, and will only be in that room for three years more, so I'd like her to have a nice room. I am not telling anyone I am doing this, either. I hope to have her room all done by the time she comes home tomorrow.

I work one wall at a time. I have always painted this keeps me from getting bored or tired. Holly's room has six walls. Most of the walls have a pock-mark areas from the previous owner removing a border.
I used spackle and putty knifes to smooth this out. When I painted the cielings, I did not tape the walls, so lime green paint spills over the tops of the walls. This was not a good idea on my part, for now I have to prime the top of the walls all around the room.

Well, I prepped wall #1, the largest wall. As I waited for the primer and spackle to dry, I put down the painter's tape and moved on to prepping the next two walls.

Wall #3 has foam tape stuck to it, so that will take some time to remove. I use ''Goo-Be-Gone" and an old credit card to scrape with....HELPFUL HINT: I use duck tape to tape the credit card to the "Goo-Be-Gone". That way it is always handy when I need it. And any time I have ever used that product, I had to have a scraping tool.

Once done with that, I started painting wall looks pretty good! I love the color. Another advantage to doing it one wall at a time: you can see if you'll need two coats, or if you like the color, or brand of paint.

I am taking a break to eat. I am starving! Painting like this is a good workout, too. I use a step-ladder and a hand-roller, and am constantly up and down on that thing. My butt will be sore tomorrow!! My arms, too!

I took some before pictures, but now my camera battery has died and needs to be recharged.

Holly's room is very big, and I am just starting to realize I may be painting until 2 a.m.!! We shall see, be back later!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

THere's been a mauling!!

Yes, poor Katrina.

Geez, i wish i knew how to turn pictures on here.

ANYWAYS...the poor thing did not just have a cut on her throat, she was mauled by the evil cat Hazel. She probably did it Sunday while I was out. Come to think of it, I did not see Katrina all weekend. She came up Monday and I thought she threw up on herself. Didn't know it was blood.

Hazel is now living at the Humane society office. I knew she was too aggressive and we were trying to place her for a week now, there was just no where to put her.

Well, she attacked this poor kitty, and ripped her throat. The wound is large and open. It can't be closed..which is extremely gross. She is sickly now...has a fever, has infection in the wound. I took her to a vet appointment just a few hours ago. It will take a lot of care to get her better. I feel so bad about letting her get mauled. I owe it to her to help her heal.
I have her in a large cage now...need to moniter her litterbox and food, water intake. I have to give her medicine several times a day..which is no bid deal.
The hardest thing is that wound. I have to hotpack it with water-soaked rags 'several times' a day, and then apply ointment to the outlying area. It is a huge gaping hole...yuck.
And if she doesn't eat enough on her own, i will have to syringe-feed her to get her strong again.

That poor baby!! She is so quiet and sweet, skittish. Usually she's quite attractive. Right now, she looks like Headwound Harry. So she won't be getting photographed and put up on Petfinder just now. I am going to try my best to take such good care of her. I actually like giving cats medicine and 'caring' for them. I guess it reminds me of having babies. I don't think i will enjoy treating a gaping hole in her throat. Ick....

So now I have four fosters. Katrina will be under my care for three weeks at least. Her mom, Priscilla, is really a nice, pretty cat. And the boys...Marco and Bandit. They are so cute and funny, they are sure to get adopted soon. Then I need a break.....

Roasted chicken and sweet potatoes

Today's dinner is also a success. Miranda eats at Alli's on Tuesdays because of dance, but the other two got home from soccer practice and DEVOURED their meals. Of course, they are so hungry by that time, i think they'd devour garbage if I fed it to them :)
Not that I would do that....

I bought some of this stuff last week and used it on steaks. I was intrigued by the fact it lists coffee in the ingredients. I am making the steak later this week, or early next. It was good, so i will post that recipe later.

This time, I used it on chicken.

and served it with a side of sweet potatoes. 

Also served leftover broccoli and biscuits.
Here are the recipes..

Roasted chicken with Sweet Potatoes

1 1/2 sweet potatos, cubed into 1 inch cubes
salt and pepper
olive oil
1 bunch green onions, cut into 1 inch lenghts
cut up chicken
1 Tbs Cowboy Rub (or any other seasoning of choice)

Preheat oven to 450. 
In large bowl, mix the potatoes with salt, pepper and olive oil. 
Arrange potatoes on a rimmed cookie sheet and roast for 20 minutes.
Add the green onion pieces to the potatoes, and roast 10 minutes more.

Meanwhile, in a large bowl, toss chicken pieces with olive oil, seasoning, and salt until coated.
Roast the chicken for 25 minutes or until juices run clear.

It takes a while for the baking times, but it is super-easy to prepare. And quite delicious. I love roasted foods in the fall.....

my pinterest board pic of the day....

From Confessions of a Cook Book queen...a simple meringue recipe, colored to match. I may try this on the weekend. I have all the stuff here. How cute are these!!!

And here is a link for caramel cake cupcakes, that would be perfect dressed up as apples!!

So there is some inspiration for me. Now all I need is some time. GEEZ...I had today off because I worked the weekend. I TRIED....INTENDED to do something for myself on this day off. A scrapbook page, something. But I ended up getting too busy.
I slept in a bit, but that was much needed! I have not been sleeping well.
I did all my shopping...Wallmart, Groceries, and the sporting goods store to get new Nike Air's for work.
I came home and put everything away.
I cooked dinner early so it'd be ready for the girls at 5:30.
I mowed the lawn quickly.
I made FIVE trips into town....drove Mir's dance bag over to Ally's house..that is where she goes after school..and they take her to dance since I cannot during soccer season.
I went to the high school to pick the girls up from practice. I stopped at the Humane Society and talked to them about my cat issues.....
I had to go home and get Hazel and bring her to the Society office to live.
I had to pick Miranda and Alli up for dance, AND
I had to take Katrina the kitty to an emergency vet appointment. Turns out she was mauled..more on that later. THEN i had to stop at Walmart AGAIN...To get items to take care of Katrina.

Came home and prepared a sick cage for Katrina.
Finished cleaning up the kitchen.
And i am attempting to do laundry. I am getting it washed and dried but haven't had time to fold anything. YIKES. Thank God I was off.

Was good to cut the lawn, though. It has been so rainy that the grass is growing fast, but there are few opportunities to get it cut. I drove on high speed...which i usually don't do. Made me dizzy :)

Since i did not have time for myself to do anything creative or fun, I am sitting down and blogging. Then it's off to bed....

inspiration of the day...

Look at this cute little cupcake from Sweetology. She said she made the cupcake on top by piping melted chocolate. I love that idea. You can do this with anything. I am thinking about frosting with little red apples....maybe on a carmel cupcake. Hmmmm........i will have to do some research and find some recipes.

Shrimp Fra Diavolo

This recipe was very simple, and everybody loved it. It is from an ad for Francesco Rinaldi pasta.

1/4 c sundried tomatoes, chopped
2 cloves garlic, chopped
1 package spaghetti
1 jar marinara sauce
1 lb large raw shrimp, shelled and deveined
small amt crushed red pepper

Heat large saucepot of water to boiling. Cook spaghetti as directed.
Sautee the shrimp until opaque.
In a large skillet, heat a little olive oil. Add the sundried tomatoes, garlic and crushed red pepper until garlic is fragrant, about one minute. Add the jar of sauce and stir.
After the pasta is drained, add the shrimp and the sauce. Toss together.

I had enough leftover for one of my lunches and another dinner. We are so busy in September, so leftovers will have to do!

I served with Texas kids love it. I always try to have boxes of the stuff in my freezer.
I also served brocolli. I sometimes buy fresh, but I do keep frozen steam-in bags in the freezer. It is the favorite vegie of the little jury. I just steam it in the microwave and serve with butter. I do have some leftover for tonight.

I was off today, so i already have tongiht's dinner in the oven!! Will post later on.

I got thanked!

My children actually thanked me for last night's dinner, so I guess it's a keeper!!I made Shrimp Fra Diavolo, Brocolli and Texas Toast. I have enough leftover that we will have it again on Thursday night.
Tonight is some baked chicken, sweet potatoes, biscuits, cranberry sauce. I will be back with photos and recipes some day!

Things are not good in Catworld

I took on too many cats this summer. I have learned a lesson! It is difficult to have mixed families of cats. I have Hazel living upstairs...she is the mom from my prevous litter. She is aggressive to all other cats in the home. I try to seperate her, but she gets out of the doors are not that great at staying closed.
I have Bandit and Marco, who are two adorable brothers. They live in the middle floor and are perfect little pets.
Then there is Priscilla, Katrina and Duncan..A mom and two longhair kittens. They hang in the basement and are terrified of Hazel. Duncan got adopted.
I just noticed today that little Katrina looks like she has a wound on her neck. Now I've gotta see about getting her into the vets. I don't know if Hazel attacked her, or what. I have hardly been home.
It is too hard to have all this going on during soccer season. For the next two months, I will be running constantly on weeknights, and Saturday afternoons. I am so far behind with laundry, etc. It's hard to take the extra time these cats need.
I decided from now on, i will only have one 'family' at a time. If i still have a mother, I won't take any new kittens. This would be incentive for the society to place these cats for me instead of piling it on. Not like it's their fault, there are so many homeless kittens and cats, and very few fosters. But these cats aren't doing well in my home, and what good is a foster home if they aren't safe.
I also decided that I will not take ANY cats during the months of September and October. Holly and Grace are playing JV soccer, Miranda is on a travel team, as well as dance and tumbling. I don't think my kids are neccesarily overscheduled, but high school sports are all-consuming. The girls have so much homework that they cannot help me like they usually do. So i am overtaxed. Anyway, that's the cat scoop..i hope it gets better soon.

this is Marco..he is an absolute sweetie. I love him!

and here is brother Bandit, a friendly purr factory.

Duncan was quite shy, but has found a good home

Here is mommy Priscilla. She is very loving, quiet.

and here is the Evil Hazel!! I should change her name to Witch Hazel. She is quite nice upstairs, but does not like any other cats. She needs a home where she is the only one.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Again with the cooking

I did not cook all summer. I had no kids for 2 weeks, then I went on vacation for 2 weeks. Then I had no kids again for 2 weeks! Now they are back and we are in full swing again. Soccer season is starting. Holl and Grace have double-session practices, and Miranda starts weekly practices tomorrow. There may be no school, but those lazy summer evenings are over.

I started cooking again this week. Last night i made roast chicken legs and sauteed peaches, with a side of couscous. All were big hits. Will post recipes and pics later...

Summer Vacay

I went to Ohio and took lots of pics...
 Beach volleyball...
 Lagoon Deer Park
 Grace in her new dress

Amy and Rob's new condo

anna and Mir

Our fav soda shop

New neice Caroline


Ice Cream Kittens

It's been a long, strange summer. We did have more kittens...
Creamsicle, Bryer and Edy. I absolutely loved them. Thier mother was a stray, and she got hit by a car. When neighbors saw the accident, they went to investigate and noticed a litter of four kits. One died, but three survived. They came into my care at about six weeks. They went from hissing, scared little things to very loving kittens. The last one to get adopted was Edy..she was my ONLY thing in this house for one whole week. The girls were with thier dad for a week, and Edy was my little buddy! Was sad to see her go, but they all went to nice homes.

Now i have a mom, Hazel, and her three lovely kitties. I stilll need to take pictures of them. Porsche is a lovely siamese, Bentley is a flame-point siamese, and Royce is a gray and white tuxedo...very cute. Hazel is off getting spayed tonight, and people are coming from Watertown.tommorrow night to see Bentley. They are a bit shy, but so beautiful.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dancing days

Gracie had her 8th grade dance

She looked so pretty!!!
Miranda had her first ever dance recital.She danced to Lionel Ritchie's Ballerina Girl. Here she is with best freind Ally.

Here is her Heaven Hop tap costume

She was happy to get THREE bouquets of flowers!!

Home on the kitten ranch....

I had my third litter last month....They were the best. The kittens were so so cute. The cutest ever! And they were unbelievably playful and friendly. They were all adopted quickly....

Here is the runt, Snapple, with his mom, Lacy.

 And here's Blizzard. He was my absolute favorite.
 Litte Toffee loved my shoes.
 And the only girl of the litter, Chachi. She was beautiful!!!
Like I say, the all got adopted. And i was kitten free...for a whole week. Now I have a litter whose mother was hit by a car. Neighbors saw the accident and noticed the baby kittens nearby. One kitten died, the others are with me. They seemed shy at first, but are coming along nicely. I was just up there playing with them. They aren't available for adoption just yet...i was waiting a few days to gauge them and see how they do and if they'd make good pets. I think they would. I will post pics of Timmy, Billy and Creamsicle as soon as I find that darned camera!!!